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Jobs - 07/14/05 06:49 AM

How does one go about seeking music jobs in their local area. I am seeking to do the arranger/solo/singing work at small venues, to include small clubs if available. Will take anything at this time. I'm gearing up and getting the act together, but will take me 2 months or so before heading out. Advice appreciated.
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I'm a newbie ( since October 04 ) to playing gigs but I can tell you there's lots of great advice on this forum, I just got some earlier this week from many the members. You can read all the great help I got here:

Here's what I can tell you based on my limited experience. Initially, I had some help from a old friend who has been a OMB for lots of years. But, now I'm pretty much on my own.

Here's what I have done recently to get some gigs. There are a couple of local coffee houses I approached about playing. One is a Starbucks and the other is an independent operation. Both establishments offer entertainment. Since they don't have an entertaiment budget, they will set me up to play, feed me all the coffee drinks and food I care to imbibe in and also place a basket for tips. This Friday night will be the first time I'm giving it a try for the tips and refreshments only type gig. I checked with another musician a guitarist whose worked the 2 coffee houses and his comment was that the exposure has was great, he's booked other paying gigs after people heard his playing at the coffee house. My feeling is that if I didn't have these 3 up and coming gigs I'd just be home playing for my wife and the dog anyway. I think it's worth a shot,especially since at this point I'm not depending on gigs to pay the bills. Good Luck.
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Hey Steph -

Thanks for the reply and good luck to you too. The coffee house would be fine with me, especially a venue that I can polish and learn from. Besides, my wife gets bored with my playing and I don't have a dog

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last 2 years, when I played in a duo, most of our earliest gigs were done at private clubs,lodges i.e. Amvets, Eagles, Moose Lodge, etc. . . many of them are always looking for some new entertainment to try. We got many other jobs booked from playing just a few times at the Eagles club - we even landed a private wedding!
I'm just starting again, this time a solo career, and I'm going to start the same way - the smaller private lodges, our new coffee house that just opened, etc - make sure you have some biz cards with you!

Best of luck to you - let me know how it goes!

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Hi Jill,
Thanks for the response. Must be the old "change of life", but I have this appetite to play out again. I'll keep you posted and thanks for the advice.
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Be careful. Once you establish a price, or that you play for free, it's hard to go up.
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Good acvice.
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I meant advice....
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or how about advise..........
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Thanks for that advice, never really gave that much thought.
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You could always play at the local Wal-Mart and let the greeter be your harmony backup! Yea, I'm sure you'll get plenty of guys in those wife-beater shirts cheering you on, especially if you play some Toby Keith tunes...!