warning scottyee

Posted by: Benno Kattenat

warning scottyee - 05/15/05 07:46 PM

From: scottyee@aol.com
To: benkat@mars.ark.com
Subject: [attachment filtered] Good day

The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment.

Viruses found in the attached files.
The file body_exe.renamed: Virus identified I-Worm/Mytob.CH. The attachment was moved to the virus vault.

Checked by AVG Anti-Virus.
Version: 7.0.308 / Virus Database: 266
Posted by: Benno Kattenat

Re: warning scottyee - 05/15/05 07:51 PM

SCOTT, better check this out, got rid of it so hope i am ok,had another one of these in my spam control, did not know who from deleted it, NO hard feelings towards you, BENNO
Posted by: DonM

Re: warning scottyee - 05/15/05 07:54 PM

It's almost certain that the email wasn't sent by Scott. These modern viruses generate false email addresses.
Posted by: TomTomSF

Re: warning scottyee - 05/15/05 08:16 PM

I believe Don is right. Scott didn't send it. And I don't think Scott has had that AOL email address for some time either.

Tom G.
Posted by: Nigel

Re: warning scottyee - 05/15/05 09:35 PM

It is very unlikely that this was from Scott. I get emails supposedly from myself containing viruses. The reply to email is always forged and has nothing to do with the email address it supposedly is from.

Never open a suspicious looking attachment and always run anti-virus software that can detect virused attachments. Even if it looks like it is from someone you know, if it seems suspicious then contact them first and just check they really sent it.
Posted by: Scottyee

Re: warning scottyee - 05/15/05 09:45 PM

Benno: I'm really sorry to hear about the email virus you received from my long ago closed (over 2-3 years)AOL email account. I assure you that I had no knowledge of, and did not send that email to you. Benno, I'm just glad you had your anti-virus up & running & doing it's job.

Interestingly enough, I too remember my NAV (anti-virus) software (a number of months ago) having to block a similar virus attached email, 'erroneously marked' as coming from our forum administrator Nigel's email address. Following the virus entering one's computer, it harvests the email address entries of the attacked person's address book , and then automatically sents out (spreads) the virus to some/all the address book entries, tagging any one of these address book entries as the bogus sender as well.

In addition to to keepin my NAV anti-virus software in Auto Protect & Automatic LIVE Update modes at all times, I also make sure I not only recognize the email sender's address, but that the subject heading 'topic' wording include something specific as well. For this reason, I recommend, when sending emails to friends, that everyone try to include something more descriptive than just 'hello', 'good day' or some other generic phrase. Be sure to include something in the subject heading to help clue the receiver that it's in fact legitimate. If still in doubt, contact the sender to confirm that the email in fact is legitimate.

Posted by: Benno Kattenat

Re: warning scottyee - 05/15/05 10:08 PM

HI Scott , everthing is ok,i thought some thing did looked fishy in the email,but its ok no damage done, my virus program got it right away,deleted it scaned my machine twice, everything is ok, thouhgt to let you know and posted it here for info to be aware of this thing, these things happen without any bodys fault ,as i know every body here is carefull about these matters, so best regards keep on rockin man, best regards ,BENNO
Posted by: Sheriff

Re: warning scottyee - 05/16/05 05:19 AM

Originally posted by Scottyee:
...I recommend, when sending emails to friends, that everyone try to include something more descriptive than just 'hello', 'good day' or some other generic phrase...

Yes, that's right!
I always write in subjects the words "SPAM from Sheriff" or "V!aGra, PenyC!ll!N, MortaDella, CheeSe, HotDog,..."

Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)
Posted by: DonM

Re: warning scottyee - 05/16/05 08:44 AM

Now, that's funny Sheriff!