Question regarding X1 vocalizer

Posted by: Les Swartz

Question regarding X1 vocalizer - 12/27/99 09:27 AM

In the filter box, there are 3 adjustments. Formant/ Frequency/ resonance. Can someone tell me the effect each (especially formant) will have on the vocalizer. Thanks
Posted by: George Kaye

Re: Question regarding X1 vocalizer - 12/27/99 08:36 PM

These three words have to do with the shapping of the voice. You might want a male voice or a female voice. You may want a Robot voice or a mickey mouse voice. You use these three parameters to change the type of voice you would like.
George Kaye
Posted by: Les Swartz

Re: Question regarding X1 vocalizer - 12/27/99 11:49 PM

Thanks George. Actually, I found that formant gives a more "open" throat, tho I consider it more airy, which on some songs is preferrable. The other two on making adjustments, to me, are mute. They hindered.

As to the X1 harmonizer - well, it got my wife interested in back to singing, so obviously it is a definite plus. )
Posted by: Shakil

Re: Question regarding X1 vocalizer - 12/28/99 07:13 AM

Frequency: It's the cut off frequency. All frequencies higher than the specified value will be cut off from your voice

Resonance: The 'amplification' level of the frequency that you sepecify in frequency parameter.

For example on a scale of 1 to 100, if you specify frequency: 50, and resonance: 80, all frequencies higher than 50 will be cut off, and the '50' frequency will be amplified to level '80'. These values are different for each instrument. You will need to refer to parameter tables for that.

Formant: It's the voice character, changes timber of your voice.

To change gender of your voice, change the 'tuning' or 'transpose' parameter.

I hope this helps.