PSR-9000 OS V.1.16 available

Posted by: kari1

PSR-9000 OS V.1.16 available - 03/31/00 11:18 PM

The OS V.1.16 is available at

It corrects a system fault occuring when modifying the voices.

Here's the info:

Power ON/Custom Voice

A system failure may occur indicated by the LCD displaying "Assertion Failed!" after turning on the power. This occurs when a custom voice is created from a specific voice (see list) and stored, and another custom voice is stored in the next area. The voices that cause this condition are: Organ:RotaryDrive, Guitar:Hi Q Bass, GuitarrySynBass, GuitarX JazzGtr, Guitar:Bass&Cymbal, Strings:Solo Violin, Strings:MarcatoStrs, Trumpet:Sweet Tromb, Trumpet:BaritonHorn, Trumpet:Bariton Hit, Flute:Bagpipe, Choir & Pad:Template, Synthesizer:Under Heim, XG:Bagpipe.

Voice/Style Select
A system failure may occur when the LCD (I) or (J) button is pressed twice quickly when a voice or style select screen is displayed on the regist bank view screen.

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Re: PSR-9000 OS V.1.16 available - 04/01/00 02:47 AM

Hyvä juttu!!!!!

Toivottavasti 2.0 käyttöjärjestelmä tulee
mahdollisimman pian.

Terveisin Micco

Strange language!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: PSR-9000 OS V.1.16 available - 04/01/00 06:54 PM

Thanks for the update.
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Re: PSR-9000 OS V.1.16 available - 04/02/00 03:22 AM

From where can I download the demosong for
PSR9000? After installing the new operating
system to the keyboard I also wanted to
install the demosong and when I started the
demo installation the "Wrong Disk" message
appeard to the screen.