What YE think of Yamaha MU128?

Posted by: sk880user

What YE think of Yamaha MU128? - 05/03/00 11:50 AM

I appreciate any input, suggestions, opinion about Yamaha MU128?

Posted by: freddynl

Re: What YE think of Yamaha MU128? - 05/03/00 02:13 PM

Why don't you have a look at the Kurweil series? You will love the piano sounds and
if you take the K 2600X you have it all including the weighted keys.
Specially because you are into studiorecording this is a must have instrument.
Posted by: Clif Anderson

Re: What YE think of Yamaha MU128? - 05/03/00 02:38 PM

I have not used the MU128, but have used the MU100R. The MU128 has a GM Level2 sound set, which might be helpful for future midi file compatibility. The MU128 has 32 MB ROM, like the PSR9000, although I do not know if the sound sets are the same. It has three expansion slots for additional synth technologies such as vocal harmony, physical modeling, and maybe format synthesis. There is also a Piano board for it. It is also a midi interface for a computer. The display is cool, as it shows activity on 16 midi channels at once and shows an icon for the instrument selected on a channel of your choice.

I would concur with Freddy for studio work, Kurzweil 2600 is a good way to go, although the Roland 5080 is more to my taste. The main attraction of the MU128 would be the flexibility to explore new synth technologies at a more affordable entry price.

Posted by: sk880user

Re: What YE think of Yamaha MU128? - 05/04/00 11:06 AM

freddynl and Clif,

Thank you for your suggestions. I will certainly check the k2600.

I played the MU128 and I kind of liked the sounds. I was also attracted to the price tag: less than $500.

But I want to check out the K2600 because this is not the first time I read a positive recommendation for it.