Is this right...>

Posted by: captain Russ

Is this right...> - 09/04/04 01:13 PM

Thursday, at my regular playing job, a customer from out of town asked if my name was "Kevin". When I told him my name and that I had been playing at the Merrick Inn in the summers for years, he said that he had done a Google search and he got a page with information about a musician named Kevin Moreland. The page did have the name and address of Merrick Inn, and there wasn't a claim by Kevin that he actually played there.

Several years ago, a member searched for Merrick Inn and got the same page. He. too figured that Kevin was a regular performer there.

I know that this guy hasn't played at the Merrick in the last two years. In fact,when this subject came uplast time, he responded on this board that he had played with a few friends of mine for an outside event (actually sponsored by the Merrick Place apartments and catered by Merrick Inn)about 5 years (now 7 years) ago. The owners, Libby, Bobby and Jen Murray never heard of the guy, and they have operated this establishment for over 30 years.

This fellow has a reputation as a go-getter.
and a pretty good musician.

If you use most search engines, you'll get the same page.

I'll give this fellow credit for ambition and promotion, but is this the ethical way to do it?

What do you think?

Posted by: kbrkr

Re: Is this right...> - 09/04/04 01:39 PM

His page is probably registered with all the top search engines and when his page was registered, the Merrick Inn was probably on his schedule. The search engines just held on to that page.

You need to get your own web site up, make sure your Meta Tags are fully describing your site, then blast your site to all the popular search engines. This is how you market your services on the NET.

Posted by: captain Russ

Re: Is this right...> - 09/06/04 02:14 PM

Thanks,Al, but. I am not looking for any more bookings and have no plans to develop a website, even though my company develops website for businesses, including the current murrays-merrick site. I don't even have a promo package or a demo disk.

I just thought that this approach was a little misleading, since the owners, who have had the place for 30 years, never heard of him.


Posted by: Jon Doe

Re: Is this right...> - 09/08/04 12:50 PM

This guy is a web designer and a musician. He knows how to seed a search engine.

Here's the url that comes up in google:

Now here's the whois info on the website:

Registration and WHOIS Service Provided By:

Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. provides the data in the
Registrar WHOIS database for informational purposes only. The information
may only be used to assist in obtaining information about a domain name's
registration record.

directNIC makes this information available "as is," and does not guarantee
its accuracy.

Kevin Moreland
1737 Shenandoah Dr
Lexington, KY 40504-2228


Administrative Contact:
Moreland, Kevin
1737 Shenandoah Dr
Lexington, KY 40504-2228

Technical Contact:
Moreland, Kevin

Shameless self promotion....