2000 VA7 versus 2002 VA7

Posted by: rolandfan

2000 VA7 versus 2002 VA7 - 08/01/02 01:19 PM


What are the fundamental differences ?

I intend buying a VA7 this year and I want to know how do I tell whether the dealer is selling me the latest VA7 or an older one....These keyboards dont sell well here..which is why I'm afraid of blowing my money on a VA7 thats old (even if its still sealed in the box).

I read somewhere that the new VA7's have the wizard music set up feature ? When did this come out ?

Also, If I go for the VA76, will that defintely have all the latest updates included (since it came out recently).

Hope someone out there can answer.....
Posted by: Graham UK

Re: 2000 VA7 versus 2002 VA7 - 08/01/02 02:27 PM

The latest VA7 is version 2. The start up screen has the addition of a Music Data Base. If you are buying from a genuine Roland dealer, he should know if the stock he is selling is the new version 2 or not.....Or you could check with Roland to ask at what serial No they changed to version 2.

Graham UK
Posted by: George Kaye

Re: 2000 VA7 versus 2002 VA7 - 08/01/02 10:00 PM

Roland Fan,
Where do you live? If you are in the US, email me. I have 1 brand new one in a sealed box left which I received 1 week ago. These were Version 2 models of course. Version two have new variphrase samples, come with 100 tunes on floppy disks, have the new music assistant function, allow you to turn on layered parts from the main page on the screen(something version 1 couldn't do) and is just a very stable operating system with no bugs in it at all. Roland is just about out of these and the price is killer! Let me know if you would like a price. You can email me or call me at my store during the day.
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