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Posted by: deatonent

Laptop Lyrics - 06/07/03 12:03 PM

When using a laptop computer for lyrics, what type of software is most practical to find a particular song quickly?
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: Laptop Lyrics - 06/07/03 09:42 PM

THe simplest way it to catalog the songs in folders. (or several folders, if there is a lot)
When you open the folder ... organize the files by "list" and when you want to search - just hit the first letter of the title .... and scroll till you get to it. Hit the enter key to open the lyric page. The software is already in your pc. Your word processor will probably open up the docs by default, but you CAN asign a different program if you need special features.

If you only have a few dozen, or even a few hundred .... one folder is probably the easiest way to go, so you don't have to search for the right folder too.
Posted by: KN_Fan

Re: Laptop Lyrics - 06/08/03 12:53 AM

Or you could just press "Ctrl+F" to open up a pop up window and type in your keywords/song title, assuming you're using Microsoft Word.
Posted by: deatonent

Re: Laptop Lyrics - 06/08/03 04:53 PM

Thanks for the info. One thing I'm trying to determine is the type of software. Would a database program make things more readily accessible than a word processor? UD I'm not sure what you mean by "organize the files by 'list'".
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Laptop Lyrics - 06/08/03 08:16 PM

Essentually, what UD was talking about is saving the lyrics in a specific folder by name. For example, make a new folder on your hard disk and call that folder "Lyrics." Then save all your lyrics in that folder using your word processor, Word Perfect, MS Word, Works, etc. Then open the folder in "My Computer" and if you want to display a song's lyrics and the title begins with "I" just press the "I" key on the keyboard and the first song with the letter "I" in the title will be highlighted. Scroll down the list until you reach the song you wish and press enter. The file will open in the word processor. It's that easy.