What about motion sound for Hammond use?

Posted by: captain Russ

What about motion sound for Hammond use? - 04/19/07 09:35 AM

I have a B-3 and a C. I use a 145 with one and a 147 RV with another. I use an old Motion Sound top rotor box with a Suzuki/Hammond XK 2 (?). I recently referbished a small 1949 M and was wondering if anyone uses a Motion Sound with a Hammond? Don't need excessive volume, because it will just be in the office. Have added a leslie 13 pin kit and switches already. The 145 and 147 stay with the instruments at two country clubs, so moving them around is not what I want to do. I really want doppler, so a simulator wouldn't work. Want to keep the top box in the van for one-nighters, so I need an additional unit. What Model Motion Sound would you recommend? Do they have regular 13 pin connections? Any other options besides a real new Leslie?

Any opinions?


"Old School" Russ
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: What about motion sound for Hammond use? - 04/20/07 04:32 AM

I used that exact setup a few years back and it KICKS A** ! The Motionsound was awesome, and I just used a small bass amp for the bottom end, and mic's the top. It was "the" sound.
I just horse traded ( sorry, pal )with a friend/dealer for a NI B4D, and it comes with a hardware drawbar controller. It feels great, looks wonderful, and I already LOVE teh sound of the NI software instrumenmts, so I'm sure this will do the trick for my home setup.
This little controller has 22 buttons, 2 rorary knobs and 9 drawbars. NO menues needed to operate on the fly ! The drawbars can control 3 keyboards, and the sound source is full polyphonly. ( I guess the PC has to be strong enough to handle it, though )

I'm excited - your old Rhodes on the bottom, this new "B" on top - all I need is that funky D6 to finish off the arsenal !
I'll be a chord compin' maniac soon ! I'll need to have a jazz/funk jam here at my house this summer, so these tools can get a workout !

Who's in? Russ will want to play bass, maybe Boo on tenor, Nigel on gtr, If the weather's nice - we can have a poolside jam!

I have 2 extra rooms for overnighters too !
Posted by: captain Russ

Re: What about motion sound for Hammond use? - 04/20/07 11:28 AM

With a little notice, I'm in!