New Solton

Posted by: Markus

New Solton - 11/06/00 11:45 AM

I have just read a posting by Kari1 and I can confirm all the facts he has given about the new Solton arranger. This afternoon I had the opportunity to talk to a distributor of Solton keyboards. He himself hadn't seen a picture of the new gear but he had a fax info saying that the new SM1 is supposes to have 76 keys. It will have 256 totally new sounds. The style section will technically be based on the X1 technology but it will have over 100 new styles with four Intros, Variations and Endings and Fill-ins.
I cannot confirm the info about the 10,000 registrations but one thing very much improved will be the Drawbar-organ section with 9 virtual drawbars. The dealer said that Solton mentioned the end of November but he himself thought it not to be out before December and hopefully on the market by February 2001.

Posted by: Clif Anderson

Re: New Solton - 11/06/00 12:35 PM

There seems to be some mystery as to the name. I think X100 was speculative. But SD1, SM1, and X1P. I hope the new styles and sounds are in addition to those in the X1 rather than a replacement.
Posted by: Ilija Petkovski

Re: New Solton - 11/06/00 01:07 PM

Sorry people, but this all is PURE NONSENSE!
How can somebody release a new Solton in November/December/January when NOW there is not even a picture available?????????

The PA-80 was known a couple of months ago and still it is not out. The new Solton is nothing known and coming out soon?


Posted by: Roel

Re: New Solton - 11/06/00 02:23 PM

Hi Illja,

Perhaps you should be more carefull in choosing your words.
I do not agree your 'logical' conclusions at all and I'm sure Markus knows where he is talking about.

You live close to Ibbenburen (Osnabruck), so have a look at I think they organize a workshop on the X1P coming weekend or at least very soon.

kind regards,