X1 Accessory Problems

Posted by: Beakybird

X1 Accessory Problems - 05/12/00 07:04 PM

I purchased the 13 switch footpedal and the vocalist unit. One of the 13 switches doesn't work. John at Solton thinks it's the pedal and not my keyboard. More disconcerting is that after spending all of the time installing the vocalist expansion board, I couldn't get that to work. John at Solton had me do a diagnostic test (These diagnostic tests can be initiated by pressing F1 and F10 simultaneously) that indicated that the vocalist unit wasn't working. I installed it according to instructions (I checked twice). I'm going to send that also back to Bell Solton so it can be looked at. Besides the possibility that the vocalist unit was a dud, does anybody have any ideas what could be wrong? I've appreciated all of the great advice I've gotten from you folks so far. By the way, I'm really grooving on the X1's styles. Once, I get the footpedal and vocalist unit working properly, I will start gigging with the X1 instead of the PSR 740. Thank you Uncle Dave and George Kay for talking me into giving the X1 another chance.
Posted by: George Kaye

Re: X1 Accessory Problems - 05/13/00 09:58 PM

Did John at Solton check your seriel number? This is very important because if you have a lower seriel number, you have to add a small jumper cable. I have installed over 30 vocalizer boards and have not experienced any faulty ones. It's so easy to do as you have seen once you take out all those damn screws!The pedal board issue I have once noticed before and all I had to do is open up the bottom and I saw that the contact on one of the pedal switches was not making contact and all I had to do was re-align the switch.
George Kaye
Posted by: Beakybird

Re: X1 Accessory Problems - 05/14/00 08:06 AM

Thank you very much for responding George George, no it's a newer serial number, and the setup procedure is pretty obvious, I'm sure I didn't make any mistakes. I'm dumbfounded.

Larry Levin