Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners

Posted by: Scott Langholff

Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/14/05 10:55 AM


In the quest for seeing if I can get a sound that I like using the Tyros and z5500's I thought I'd ask those of you that have this combination, what settings you are using in your EQ, compressor, speaker placement and any other changes you made to make it sound good to you.


Scott Langholff

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Posted by: Tony Rome

Re: Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/14/05 12:12 PM

Scott....I believe that Gary D has put together an article pertaining to just that.
He has notated all of his EQ settings on Joe Waters PSR TUTORIAL site but I can't remember just where he posted it...I have my Tyros ready to receive my z5500 when they get
here and I will have to ask the same question....I trust Gary's judgement on this
and when I get mine hooked up, I like you will have to listen to see if changes are in order then act acordingly .....

BTW, did I mention that I enjoy your web-site
Tony Rome

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Posted by: Scott Langholff

Re: Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/14/05 01:02 PM

Hi Tony

Well, the PSR3000 sounds differnt that the Tryos, don't you agree? I tried Gary's 3000 settings on my Tyros. I don't like it one bit.

The sound is different between the two and the EQ mixer may also be different.

When I A/B's the Tyros and PSR3000, I discovered I could not get a sound close to what I like on my Tyros.

Perhaps the two sound more the same when EQ'd when set flat. I did not try it this way. But then again, I don't like the Tyros set to flat. I use more of a classic "V" shape of the controls.

So, Gary's suggestion on how to EQ won't help me with the Tyros. It's possible someone else may like that sound.

Again the thing with me is, maybe I am very spoiled with the Eon 10G2's. 10 inch speakers sound the best to me and Tony Barbetta told me also that keyboards sound better through 10" speakers.

Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/14/05 02:34 PM

I must admit that I have never played the Tyros through the 5500 system, therefore I do not possess first hand knowledge of the sound difference. However, the settings that are kicking butt for me with the 3000 are EQ-1=4, EQ-2=3, EQ-3=4, EQ-4=8, EQ-5=10.

The mic settings I've having the most success with are:

80/+2 2.0/+0 10k/+9

Noise gate Compressor
Off/-60 on/-20/5.0/110


Naturally, the mic settings will vary to some degree, depending on individual make and models of mics.

Keep in mind that I'm not firing through a mixer unless I'm performing with other musicians, which is extremely rare. Yesterday was one of those rare exceptions. The first job was a 1-hour assisted living center where I perform every month. Very large, three-room complex and the rooms are divided by half-walls topped with decorative spindle posts. I'm set up in the center (largest) room with measures approximately 30 X 60 feet and in a corner of that room. The Z-5500 fills not only that room with sound, but the others as well. And, while there is obviously some volume loss in the other adjacent rooms, it's not significant enough to turn the volume higher in order to attain quality sound in those rooms. Audience here consists mainly of folks with Alzheimers, but there is usually a dozen or so staff in the room who love what they hear--otherwise I would be history.

The second job was in Baltimore's Little Italy at a Son's Of Italy hall that is long, narrow and another two room deal. The room I perform in measures about 30 X 20 feet and has an opening measuring approximately 15 feet wide that opens to the second room that measures about 30 X 80 feet. The larger room is solid with dining tables, folks are talking, feasting on Italian cuisine and enjoying the music. Last night, I used the Z-5500 system there for the first time, hoping that it would provide quality sound and cover both rooms better than the Barbettas--it did. The Barbettas have a lot more power, move a lot more air with those big 15s and the 10-inch horns, but I really had to power them up to reach the back end of the second room. With the Z-5500, I cranked the main volume up to Boost 11, but only had the sub at about 20 percent and the keyboard, which everything runs through, was only turned up half way.

The bottom line is that everyone there, which was about 125 people, raved about the music, many complemented me about how wonderful the vocals sounded, and while there was some perceptable falloff from one end of the venue to the other, it was not significant enough to warrant more volume. The falloff was modest at best. For me, the Z-5500 is perfect, and I base my volume and quality decissions upon not only what I hear, but additionally, my audience's responses. Hey, they're the ones signing the checks.

BTW: I did try the JBL10's with the 3000 and for me, they were OK, but I personally like the sound of the Logitech Z-5500 better.

Good luck,

Posted by: Scott Langholff

Re: Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/14/05 07:22 PM

Hi Gary

Thanx for the input. I'm glad you are enjoying your z5500's so much. Hey, whatever works!

Interesting find with your JBL test. But, then again, I didn't like the way the PSR3000 sounded through them either. Maybe some other fine tuning will do it, as with the Tyros, there is no comparison at all with the satellites.. I am hoping fine tuning will help, as I am now (again) stongly considering getting a PSR3000 or maybe another PSR2000, which I sure did like. Incidentally, Jen and I both thought the PSR2000 sounded better than the 3000. More time with fine tuning may handle that.

I heard one comment from a PSR3000 owner that the 2000 sounds better out of the box and that the 3000 requires a lot of tweaking to get the same good sounds. Any comment on that find? I still need more time to test them out. There is a 3000 and 1500 in Pensacola now, so it will be easier for me to make a good choice. BTW, the 1500 sure sounds like the 2000 to me. Anybody else feel the same??

Posted by: StPatrick

Re: Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/14/05 08:11 PM

I have three different PAs and I have found that I have had to revisit the issue with each one. I have a happy face on one, almost flat on another, and sort of a sideways S on the third. One good way to start is to get an experienced sound guy from a really good band in your area to help you out with a good starting point by standing in front of your system and pointing up and down as you scroll through the freqs. Make sure you are playing a song he knows really well!
He/she will probably do it for free since he'll most likely be flattered that you asked and it won't take long. Keep in mind that an empty room and a full room are often very different. You may have to boost the highs if you get packed.
Also, if you are buying a crossover, note that thet can have a HUGE impact on the overall quality of your sound. I didn't realize this until I switched from a Rane to a dbx Driverack PA crossover. It was like night and day.
And don't skimp on your mic. I recommend a Shure SM58 or Beta 58 for men and a Beta 87 for females or if you sing like the guy from Journey.
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/15/05 06:21 AM

Right out of the box, the 2000 sounded fuller and richer than the 3000. The 3000 is flat as a pancake until it is tuned. Once tuned, there is a dramatic difference. After tunting, when I played them side by side, using the same or similar onboard styles, there was no comparison--the 3000 sounded better. And, when I tested this, I did it with the onboard speakers turned off and ran both through a small mixer and to an external sound system.

After my evaluation, there is another test that the keyboard must pass as well. I do the same test with my wife and daughter doing the evaluation, but not letting them see which keyboard I'm playing. When you've been married to the same woman for more than 4 decades and you have a daughter that is equally as critical as your wife, you're gonna' get an unbiased opinion--whether you want it or not. Both said the 3000 sounded better to them, even when using identical onboard styles.

I'm a sincere believer that every keyboard can sound good to excellent in the hands of an accomplished musician/entertainer. However, that keyboard, regardless of make or model, will sound a lot better when tweaked and tuned both for the venue and the individual sound system it's being used with. For that reason I have two user EQ settings on my 3000--one of which is tuned for the Z-5500 system and the other for the Barbetta Sona 32-C system. I cannot emphasize this aspect of arranger keyboards enough.

Good Luck,

Posted by: loungelyzard

Re: Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/15/05 07:06 AM

Hey Gary:
We seem to think alike sometimes, I also have one eq set up and memorised for the z5500 and one for the kb1200.s. I find the almost flat works for the reg pa. and a flated out U works for the Z's. I have the second user eq elevated in volume and more treble for a full room.

I also believe each board must be tweaked, My 9000 sounds 5 times better than it did out of the box, and I tweak each instrument on every registration. the results are georgious. (at least to my ear)......Pose
Posted by: Scott Langholff

Re: Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/15/05 11:33 AM

Hi Gary

Interesting find about the sounds of the 2000 and 3000 out of the box. I was wondering if I was imagining things when I thought the 2000 sounded better, but Jen said the same thing.

I haven't noticed, are any of the PSR3000 tweakings avaiable anywhere? I am also wondering if I just take my style and sounds directly from my Tyros HD if the 3000 would sound like the Tyros with no other tweaking involved. If that's the case that would be super wonderful for me and would make getting the 3000 a lot easier to handle.

Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Question for Tyros, Logitech z5500 owners - 05/15/05 01:00 PM


The easiest way to determine this would be to copy a couple of your favorite Tyros styles to a USB thumb drive, then take the Thumb Drive to the store where there's a 3000 on display. Do a System reset on the 3000, plug in the USB thumb drive, then access them through the user button. All of the Tyros styles I've tried sounded great, especially after setting the 3000's EQs to the settings I posted above. Let your ears be the judge before buying either a 2000 or 3000, or any other keyboard.