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Posted by: CamBoi

Buy Direct from KETRON - 06/25/02 07:56 PM

Can someone please explain to me why you cannot buy keyboards direct from Ketron. There is no point for me buying from a distributor in my area as they only get them if you prepay for it and there is no warranty with them or any support so its just paying more money tot he middle man ?

Why is KETRON such a pain the ass ! It's cheaper fo me to buy it from a european distributor - have it sent to them - and then re send it to Australia -

Can anyone work that out ?
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Re: Buy Direct from KETRON - 06/25/02 08:48 PM

Have you emailed Ketron directly .
They Listen ! dano
Posted by: George Kaye

Re: Buy Direct from KETRON - 06/25/02 10:04 PM

Let me explain the way it works here in the USA.
Bell Duovox Corporation is the United States Distributor. They buy product directly from Ketron in Italy. It is Bell Duovox's responsibility to establish a dealer network which buys from Bell Duovox Corporation and then sells keyboards to you the customer. I, for example, own a music store in California and I buy and sell products from Bell Duovox, Generalmusic (distributor is in Chicago), Yamaha (Yamaha Corp. of America), Roland (Roland Corp. US), etc. All of these Distributors buy from their parent companies in Japan, Italy, etc. Not all products made are distributed in our country because the distributors or the Manufacturer doesn't think a certain product might be good for the USA market place. We don't always agree, but that's the way it works! The warranty is supplied by Bell Duovox Corporation as a distributor of Ketron Products. No one but a Distributor may buy product from Ketron in Italy. Not a music store, not a musician, only a Distributor.
If you are saying that the distributor is not offering any warranty, I would suspect that this is not a factory authorized (Ketron) distributor. If they were, they would be offering a warranty. If, on the other hand, they are buying product from another dealer in another country, then there would be no way to offer a factory warranty. Warranties are always honored in the Country they were sold to originally and not if they are transfered or sold to someone in another country. When I was in Italy a few weeks ago, I had to purchase a new camera. I made sure that the warranty inside the box was written as an "international" warranty. This is one that is honored no matter where you live or take it to be fixed. This is common on cameras but unfortunately, not keyboards. We are quite fortunate here in the US, to have such good distribution and factory warranty service provided by Bell Duovox. In the event that I need service fast or parts fast, Bell Duovox has always been there for me in a prompt and professional manner. Many customers wish there were more dealers or better educated dealers in the USA, but this is for Bell Duovox to decide how they want to structure their dealer network. Sometimes, especially with smaller products, the manufacturer might decide to switch to a different distributor because they are not doing the job expected by the manufacturer.
I'm sorry about you problems buying Ketron products in Australia. Hopefully, if you contact Ketron at and email one of the contact people there, they will be able to answer your questions and concerns.
George Kaye
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Reseda, California
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Re: Buy Direct from KETRON - 06/25/02 10:15 PM

Thankgod You guys have something sorted out there.
The distributors for Australia according to the Ketron website are as follows:-

One distributor here is a guy who runs a small 4 day a week accordion shop.
The second distributor has a music shop which is very small again. They are 25 minutes away from each other and prices are the same for both of them.

They both do not have any keyboards in stock which i suppose is okay BUT warranty repairs they say that they have to send back to Italy and again the prices are WAY Too expensive. 4100US...I understand everyone needs to profit but that is a bit extraodinary.

It would be nice if Ketron did something about it or had an online store so people could purchase direct in certain area of the world.

Give me your thoughts

I have sent KETRON an email but no response