I'm new here

Posted by: Janez

I'm new here - 02/13/02 06:59 AM

I com from Slovenia (near Italia and Austria). This is a country of oberkrain music (Slavko Avsenik-trumpet's eho etc.).I play like one man band and olso in duo and trio, but not profesional. I'm owner of Ketron x1HD and korg ix300. The other music components:speakers FBT MAX 4a
mixer mackie CFX 12
mic. shure beta 58.
I read this forum for two years and it's great. If I want advice i will ask.
Sorry for bad anglish.

Posted by: Beakybird

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 07:02 AM

Welcome, Janez! You're English is understandable, so don't worry. It looks like you have great equipment. I hope you're having fun and finding the styles you need for your type of music.

Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 07:21 AM

Tell us about those FBT speakers. We're always interrested in sound options, and here in my part of the Unites States (Philadelphia) - we don't see them much. Everything is EV, Mackie, JBL, Peavey, Yamaha etc.... How do they stack up to other brands as far as:
size, weight, power, clarity .....
What are your thoughts?
Posted by: ChicoBrasil

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 08:23 AM

Welcome Janez.

You still are member of our family.
Here you can change a lot of experiences.

Brasilian regards,
Posted by: DanO1

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 08:42 AM

Welcome from Dano !
Posted by: Scottyee

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 09:18 AM

Hi Janez:
WELCOME to the board. There are MANY other people like you who have been reading this board for years but just not posted (yet), so it's GREAT that you have finally decided to post. Would love to hear what 'oberkrain' music is like. I hope we will have the opportunity to hear your music some day. I hope your posting will encourage other synthzone arranger musicians to come forward and introduce themselves as well. - Scott
Posted by: Nobby

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 10:05 AM

Welcome Janez!
You will quickly grow to love this forum, &
the people on it as I do.
Glad to have you aboard. Post often that's how we all get to know each other!
Don't worry about your english! You'll do fine. My spelling is poor, My typing is poor,
& when I'm typing a post my mind says words that my fingers forget to type!
All the best,

Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 11:34 AM

Hi Janez, weolcome to SZ
Hopefully you'll enjoy your "stay" here too.
Posted by: dlstarry

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 11:46 AM

Welcome Janez
hope your stay here will be a very plesent
one, alot of very nice Folks here.
Have fun !!!!!!!
Posted by: ComposerRyan

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 01:02 PM

Welcome to the forum Janez and I am glad that you are a part of it!

This forum is full of kind, loving, helpful people where you can express your comments, ask questions, or just share anything else that comes to mind!

This forum has actually changed my life and impacted me deeply! The people here are truly amazing and have shown me that this forum has a peaceful, loving atmosphere where a person can feel free to post out anytime! They have done so much for me and I am glad that I know the people here on this forum!

Well, again, we are glad to have you as a part of this forum! We hope you enjoy yourself here and get something out of it!

See you around on the forums and have a nice day,
Posted by: eddy awada

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 03:56 PM

welcome from here too.

Posted by: Tom Cavanaugh

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 05:14 PM

Welcome from west Michigan. Your English is much better than any other language that I can write or speak.

Posted by: JCkeeys

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 07:11 PM

Hi Janez and welcome ...My grandparents came to this country from Northern Italy...The Tyrol area....and I am Tyrolean....2nd generation born in the USA.
Posted by: jedi

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 07:22 PM

Hi, Janez, may the force of music be with you and with us all, I to am new to this family and already have got a lot of help and support, A BIG WELCOME!!!!!!!
Posted by: DonM

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 08:05 PM

Welcome Janez - and Jedi too!
Welcome to our family.
Posted by: Dreamer

Re: I'm new here - 02/13/02 09:39 PM

The family is growing!
A warm welcome from Italy.
Posted by: Fabien

Re: I'm new here - 02/14/02 05:20 AM

Another welcome from France...
Posted by: B2

Re: I'm new here - 02/14/02 06:13 AM

Welcome Janez...Nice to have you aboard. As you have seen first hand, this is a great bunch of people, but it's always nice to add to the family....and Jedi, great name. That was my first tactical call sign as a fighter pilot....welcome to you too...Brian
Posted by: Mosiqaar

Re: I'm new here - 02/14/02 11:04 PM

Welcome Janez... and on that regard, this is my first time coming into the general arragner keyboard forum myself.
I have been a member of Synthzone since about two months ago, and its already a part of my everyday life. I have posted in different places (Oriental Arrangers mainly), but coming in here and reading some of this topics....WOW.
Its great to have found SYNTHZONE.
Posted by: arnothijssen

Re: I'm new here - 02/15/02 05:31 AM

Welcome to the club, Janez.

I have played oberkrainer music myself both on trumpet and keyboards. In those days I owned a GEM arranger and they also sell special oberkrainer sound & styles disks. Very authentic. Nowadays I play a Roland G1000 that comes with some workable oberkrainer styles as well.
Posted by: Leon

Re: I'm new here - 02/15/02 08:41 AM

Welcome aboard Janez, I'm sure you'll get all the help you need here.
Music & skiing.....life is good!!!
Posted by: flowerssupply

Re: I'm new here - 02/15/02 11:39 AM

Big IRISH welcome Janez I too have X1 HD and pre that I used to own an IX 300. I remember creating styles on it --- only 4 user spaces so I gave up. Best regards Pierce