Sustain pedal

Posted by: zuki

Sustain pedal - 04/20/03 08:10 PM

Can anyone advise me if the polarity on the fatar or ensoniq cheapo sustain pedals can be changed for the VA? I left my expensive pedal in a hotel, along with my coat!
Posted by: wrinkles303

Re: Sustain pedal - 04/21/03 06:46 AM

i just connected a ps-15 (fatar) pedal to
my va76 it works fine. what pedal are you trying to use?
in the old days i use to cut the cable
and reverse the polarity of the wires.
in the korg i5, i can set this in the keyboard. good luck
Posted by: BEBOP

Re: Sustain pedal - 04/21/03 08:02 AM

I recall that some keyboards use a normally open switch while others use a normally closed switch so they are interchangeable with out modification.
All the switches I have opened have three terminals on them. One pair is for NO and the other pair is for NC.
Desolder one of the wire leads from one pair to the other pair and it will work
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Sustain pedal - 04/21/03 08:11 AM

Nearly all sustain pedals are normally open leaf switches. Most keyboards, however, have an option where you can select the type you have and it will default to the selection upon start-up. I don't recommend cutting wires, mainly because there's a 66 percent chance of cutting the wrong wire.