Question's for X1 owners ?

Posted by: DanO1

Question's for X1 owners ? - 03/23/00 08:53 PM

Hello to All X1 people,
Just curios to find out the following ?
How many are utilizing the copy pattern feature ? You have the ability to cut and paste different parts of the 198 styles to create new or (recreated )styles. The combination's are endless!
How about the One Touch Feature ?
Is everyone assigning there own one touch settings ???
How about the 2nd voice feature ?
How about the custom/ factory feature ??
Just curios ????? Dan O.
Guitar Center Towson Md.
Posted by: Tom Cavanaugh

Re: Question's for X1 owners ? - 03/24/00 06:06 AM

I've had my X1 a very short time, less than two months. I have just started experimenting with patterns. I haven't tried cut and paste. I've only tried to modify with little success. The manual is such a great help!

I am assigning and creating one touch settings. I creating programs and using them as one touch settings also. I created a piano/blowedsax program the other night that was interesting.

Can MIDI files be modified and changed into patterns?

I haven't had time to do as much as I would like but in time I will.

Because the keyboard is sooooo user unfriendly to operate many of these things need to be set before you go out as a solo act. ( I know that Uncle Dave cuts his teeth on the job with new boards,) but I'm not that good that I can do that.

If it weren't for the fact that the X1 sounds so damn good I would sell it and get a Yamaha psr9000 just for ease of operation.

I offered to write the next English X1 owners manual for Ketron but I got no response. They have such a great product people should be beating down the door for them.

If you have any luck with the cut and paste please let the rest of know the procedure.


Posted by: George Kaye

Re: Question's for X1 owners ? - 03/24/00 07:04 AM

I have a customer who just emailed me and is experiencing lockups when he tries to copy a pattern to another empty pattern. This has just started happening after switching to 3.1a. He is also complaining that some of the percussion sounds around middle c are not sounding. Does Dan O or anyone else have any suggestions or thoughts on what might be happening.
George Kaye
Posted by: DanO1

Re: Question's for X1 owners ? - 03/24/00 06:56 PM

Hello George and Tom,
The purpose of the question was basically to get feed back to see if anyone is really using the feature's ? So, The 1st thing that gets replied is "I'm disappointed because "
or "I have a customer who complains that ".
George...I did Have 1 keyboard that had the same problem you described. I call Solton and had the problem fixed. Of the other owners that have the X1 , ther has not been a problem. Quite honestly I think that not many are using the cut and paste feature.Have you exchanged the keyboard with your customer until you have the problem fixed?
To Tom,
Personally I think that the X1 has many user friendly features. I have customers who love the manuel. I would be happy to help you .I can walk you through right over the phone.
The X1's best feature is the fact that you are not dependent on the LCD display to make changes for style selection and sound selection. All The Japanese manufacturers have you press a button ,look in the screen,
maybe turn a page then press another button to select the sound or style. Then press exit and overall multiple pressing of buttons.
The X1's function buttons are designed to Alter and change things . Niot selecting sounds and styles. The X1 is easy ! If you wish to alter voices of an existing style you may want to use the factory/custom feature. 1. select a arrange view. Alter the voices ( using the function buttton)of each variation you wish to change. Press Save enter.Select F2 for styles. You can rename the style or press F10 to save. Press exit. Now press custom/factory and reenter the style # you altered with the select keys. And you are in business. Each of the 198 styles can be altered! Less registations!
Good Luck and call if you wish. Guitar Center
in Baltimore Md. 410 821 5200.