Audio Recording

Posted by: wizboy

Audio Recording - 08/20/01 11:31 AM

Hi all,

I'd like to record some songs I've played into Minidiscs or into Sound Card for wave/mp3 purposes.
I was wondering whether I should connect the minidisc directly into audio-out of the arranger (VA-7) or connect the device via a mixer (mackie)and from the line out of the arranger into the mixer ?
Posted by: Dreamer

Re: Audio Recording - 08/20/01 12:22 PM

You can go both ways; a mixer gives you more flexibility but tends to add noise.
Posted by: wizboy

Re: Audio Recording - 08/20/01 12:27 PM

Thanks for your input.

I've noticed a lot more noise going through the mixer to the Minidisc than going directly.
Maybe a compressor can reduce noise ? I'm not sure of the use of a compressor.
Posted by: Dreamer

Re: Audio Recording - 08/20/01 12:42 PM

No, I don't think a compressor would help; just leave the mixer out and go direct.
Posted by: Roel

Re: Audio Recording - 08/20/01 12:55 PM

Hi Wizboy,
A compressor's function is to reduce the 'dynamics' (differences between loud- and soft phrases) music.
In fact, using one will gain-up the noise.

Two ways can reduce noise :
1. The use of a NOISE-GATE will block very low levels. (The 'gate' has an adjustable level)

2. The use of programs on computers that are able to eliminate unwanted signals. These can be : clicks, noise, plosives, hum or even airco-noises ..... just name it !
The only thing you have to do, is 'tell' the computer WHAT to eliminate = get fingerprint.
Activate the 'noise reducer' and after a few seconds your music is as clean as it can be !
Soundforge, Wavelab or Cooledit work excellent.
I always use Soundforge and created copies are better than the originals.

Posted by: wizboy

Re: Audio Recording - 08/20/01 05:10 PM

Hi Roel/Dreamer,

Thanks for the info. I did record using Wavelab before but I wasn't aware the software could eliminate unwanted signals.
Sounds like I have something to try out tonight !!!