Problem with SmartMedia on PSR

Posted by: Matteo

Problem with SmartMedia on PSR - 04/18/05 11:48 PM

First. When I try on smart media,on my PSR1500 ewerything put in the root directory(midi songs,registrations,user styles,user voice),I notice have limit about70-80 files
But when create some folder,in that folder can be store thousand of files!!
I try same thing on my pc with card reader...same result.

Is this normal thing,or something wrong with media?

Second. When I try format media in FAT32 PSR dont see that card
same thing is when I use USB memory stick
I must format on PSR,or in FAT on pc,than work ok

Please help,Thanks!!!
Posted by: John_CA

Re: Problem with SmartMedia on PSR - 04/19/05 02:27 AM


Nothing wrong with your media.

The limitation of files in the root is inherent to the FAT allocation system. But working with a lot of files without folders is to my idea pretty confusing anyway, and you'll hardly need that many folders either.

The PSR's can only work with the FAT system, not FAT32, being it a smart card, usb stick or hard disk. In that point of view, the operating system of the PSR may not be the newest kid on the block, but it's hardly a problem either.


Have a nice day smile
Posted by: Matteo

Re: Problem with SmartMedia on PSR - 04/19/05 06:07 AM

Thank John!
I'm think about problem is in old FAT restrictions and that's reason why I try convert to FAT32,but not shure.

The point is that I want organise everything(midi,reg,etc...)without create any folders!
Think this is easier way to asses?
Let's say: 20-30 styles,30-40midi's,40reg...
and when I,say,call user styles I see only styles in 2-3 tab,no ned to go into foders and subfolders

How many files (not folders)in root can I put?

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Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: Problem with SmartMedia on PSR - 04/19/05 10:42 AM

The root directory can only store about 80 files or folders--take your pick. Each folder can hold a lot more than 80, but I cannot remember the exact figure.

The only format recognized by the 3000 is FAT--it will not recognize FAT32.

Good Luck,

Posted by: Matteo

Re: Problem with SmartMedia on PSR - 04/20/05 03:54 PM

Thanks Garry !!
Posted by: manic2257

Re: Problem with SmartMedia on PSR - 04/20/05 04:23 PM

folder is unlimited
Posted by: manic2257

Re: Problem with SmartMedia on PSR - 04/20/05 04:30 PM

sorry one more thing, smart cards work with either fat16 or fat32 as the op system on your pc, they will even work with NTFS..its the yamaha that is the problem should be able to use your card reader on the PC to first recognise the card as an external storage device then right click on it and format..the format should give you the option of formatting as fat, fat32 or ntfs,format it using the fat option (or if it syas fat16) then just use it in the yammi btw..fat 16 and 32 are essentially the same fat 32 was introduced to handle larger drives.. just my 2 cents worth

peace, out
Posted by: kkmusic2001

Re: Problem with SmartMedia on PSR - 04/21/05 08:12 AM

I this 80 files limit true also in PSR2000? Are you saying that if I put my registrations in a folder first I will be able to store more? I thought I was running out of floppy disc space