Farfisa vs Korg?

Posted by: Anonymous

Farfisa vs Korg? - 12/22/99 03:14 PM

I'd like to know which one better between, tha Farfisa G7 and Korg i5/i2?
in terms of arranger styles, user interface, and DSP system.

Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Farfisa vs Korg? - 12/22/99 04:37 PM

Hangee, Without a doubt the G7 over the I series. Much better user interface, maybe better than everyone in this department. 5 DSP's, more than i series, better sounds[ Korg has edge with organs]. Farfisa has many more features,like mic input with its own effects,harmonizer for your voice.,lyric screen ,16 track sequencer,etc..It actually would give the i30 a run for the money...Fran
Posted by: Jick Duck

Re: Farfisa vs Korg? - 12/22/99 08:31 PM

Please Uncle Dave, don't get upset, but how does the g7 compare with the psr740 in terms of sound quality, dsp, and overall? does the g7 have a sampler? Thank you so much.