Volume Pedal for X1 use?

Posted by: Markus

Volume Pedal for X1 use? - 12/23/99 12:54 AM

I am using a MS 100 and I am thinking of buying a X1. The MS 100 has a button that keeps all the arranger, drum etc. sounds to a constant level, only the right hand sounds volume is influenced by the volume pedal. For my kind of live playing this is ideal. You don't have to programm anything. Has the X1 the same feature? How do you use a volume pedal?
Posted by: DonM

Re: Volume Pedal for X1 use? - 12/23/99 07:27 AM

The X1 manual says don't use any volume pedal except theirs, but I've been using a Yamaha I had left over, and it works perfectly.