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Mic Preamp - 05/31/05 05:02 PM

Anybody use a Mic Preamp with their arranger KB? Any experience with a Preamp would be appreciated.
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Re: Mic Preamp - 06/04/05 11:14 PM

Originally posted by JCkeeys:
Any experience with a Preamp would be appreciated.

I'm using preamps in my mixer. The input channels are each lifted up or droped down by a preamp volume controller. So I can level the input whatever I'm connecting to it. I'm using keyboards, guitars, effects and microphones all at the same time using separated channels.

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Re: Mic Preamp - 06/05/05 05:58 AM

The only time I use a pre-amp/mixer with my PSR-3000 is when I have other singers and guitarist working with me. Then I plug an Alesis 6 channel mixer directly into the keyboard's mic/line-in. This allows me to control individual volumes at my fingertips and control the overall volume with the master volume of the keyboard. This makes life a lot easier because when you need a volume increase to accommodate changes in conditions, you don't have problems with one person cranking up their volume well above another. Once the balance is set, the only volume that gets changes is the master keyboard volume. All of the vocal effects, reverb, delay, EQ, are built into the mixer and it only cost $99 U.S. dollars.

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Re: Mic Preamp - 06/05/05 01:39 PM

Gary, I love my Alesis Multimix 6 FX..I bought it when they first came out....I use effects #24..
If you need a small footprint mixer with effects...this is it!!
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Re: Mic Preamp - 06/05/05 03:48 PM


I sincerely believe this particular mixer is one of the best I've worked with, and for the price you just can't find a better deal. I have a 14 channel Peavey mixer that doesn't come close to the Alesis.

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Re: Mic Preamp - 06/06/05 04:25 AM

I also use the Alesis 6 and can thoroughly endorse what the others have said. It is
a magic bit of kit I wouldn't be without.

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Re: Mic Preamp - 06/06/05 05:46 AM

Thank you all for your response.

What I was referring to (I did not make myself clear) is a specific preamp for the mic only. Most I have seen are designed with a TUBE, the claim is a "Warmer" sounding vocal. In fact one that I have seen, I think, is called a "Blue Tube". You run your mic through this and then to your mixer or into your arranger KB.
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Re: Mic Preamp - 06/06/05 06:43 AM

Well, right in that moment when you've written 'tube' I became an idea...

I'm using a Behringer's Tube Composer (Model T1952) in my studio. This little thing is not very expensive but very helpful. It's mainly a mono/stereo compressor/limiter but you can also use it as a gate/expander/de-esser at the same time. There's a send/return path for each channel where you can connect a 31 bands graphic equalizer for a better voice equalization. And then there's a tube section where you can level the part of the signal that you want to 'warm up' a little bit...

I guess this will cost you not more than 250 $US for the Tube Composer only and you can also use it as a pre-amp. Nevertheless, a mixer is a real good choice because this will provide you the ability to mix more than one voice as a 'block'. The mixer's effect channels will provide you the ability to use the Tube Composer (for example) for all voices together...

Good luck on your quest!!!

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