740 Defect - Carlos Rodrigues

Posted by: Tom Cavanaugh

740 Defect - Carlos Rodrigues - 12/22/99 05:19 AM


I was playing again last night and that roar appeared when I changed registrations. It seems related to organ flutes. I was using left hand organ flutes and while holding down my left hand, I changed R1 to organ flutes that I had set up on memory registration bank 1. It did not happen when I changed to any other voice. It only happened while playing left hand organ flutes and changing R1 to organ flutes. If you could give it another try I would be very grateful. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Tom Cavanaugh
Posted by: Rodrigues

Re: 740 Defect - Carlos Rodrigues - 12/23/99 12:36 AM

Hi Tom.

Now I pick up your problem. But, itís not a problem of flute organ. It happens with any of Left, R1 and R2 voices. If you try e.g. press and hold the R1 part and change the regist, you will get the same behavior.
For me it is not a bug as I think that I understand how the keyboard works:
The keys of the keyboard act as a MIDI injector. When we press a key, we send several messages to the processor, Note ON, pitch, velocity... and when we release the key, we send the message Note OFF. So, if while pressing a key (note ON was sent) we change the regist, the keyboard can not change some parameters because it has not yet received the Note OFF. So, it continue playing the precedent voice we are yet playing. Itís missing the note OFF message for that key, that will be sent when we release the key.
The Auto Accompaniment works in a little different way, as there is a arranger software sending automatically several messages of Note ON and Note OFF, as there are lot of voices and notes playing. So if we change the regist while pressing keys of Auto Accompaniment (that is playing) meanwhile this part is sending automatically several Notes OFF messages of precedente style and the next Notes ON of next style meanwhile regist has called.
So only Auto Accompaniment can be working while change regist during one fraction time of a second. Or we can play Left, R1 or R2 notes whose are not continuous. So, e.g. we can change regist while playing arpeggios.
I hoppe this is of any help.

Carlos Rodrigues
Posted by: Tom Cavanaugh

Re: 740 Defect - Carlos Rodrigues - 12/27/99 09:35 AM


I'm relieved that you were able to finally hear the problem. I think that everything you said is true. I'll have to learn to play around it. I'm and old "48" organ player and on the organ you can hold down keys while you switch presets or voices. I played a childrens party Christmas Eve from 2 to 5pm with a trumpet player and a sax player. This was the first time I used it in a little trio. I love it. There are a few guys on this forum that think it is a toy, but for us part timers who don't have $4000 to invest it is a great little keyboard. Thanks for the effort Carlos and have a happy new year.