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Posted by: DannyJay

General Music Users - 04/22/00 12:12 PM

I have had this keyboard and that keyboard. They all have served a purpose ... to connect the brain, soul, ear and fingers .... and they all did it in a different way. I now have a General Music SK760. Where are all of you the General Music users.

I would like to learn a little and share a little.

This is my first use in this forum. What is a 'Junior Member". I am no junior.

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Posted by: DonM

Re: General Music Users - 04/22/00 04:26 PM

Welcome DannyJay,
We're always glad to have new people to talk with. You will automatically be upgraded from Junior Member to Member after you have posted a cetain number of times. I forget the number, but it comes pretty quickly if you take an active part.
Posted by: George Kaye

Re: General Music Users - 04/22/00 08:36 PM

Hi Danny,
I am a music dealer in Southern California. I sell the SK760 and SK880 along with Solton, Yamaha, Korg and Roland arranger keyboards. I know a lot about the SK760 so if you have any specific questions you would like to ask or need a technical question answered I will try my best.
George Kaye
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Reseda, California
Posted by: Sean P

Re: General Music Users - 04/22/00 09:44 PM

Welcome DannyJay,

I just want to add more info to DonM's message:

You will become a member after 30 postings of your own.

In regard to communicating with other General Music keyboard users, you can click on "Synthzone BBS" located on the top right corner of this screen. Scroll down that page and you will get to the "General Music keyboard forum".


Posted by: DannyJay

Re: General Music Users - 04/23/00 03:33 AM


I do appreciate you! Thank you for the offer to help. By the way ... you just shipped me a PRO2. Small BBS world isnt it.

OK here are a couple of questions.
1) I have a new SK760 and so far two problems. I have left the board on to charge the battery. After a day it showed fully charged. I turn the board off and back on again and get the message that the battery is completely discharged. What gives! Can the battery be replaced?

2) One of the "fill" buttons works only if pressed in a particular location. This has happened with other boards I have owned, but never before with the GEM boards. I hope it will not happen over time with other buttons. Is there any way to fix it without sending the board back for service?
Posted by: George Kaye

Re: General Music Users - 04/23/00 09:14 AM

It is a small world. I didn't know your email address, so I didn't know it was you. Your two questions are pretty common ones.
1) If you have left your 760 on a full 24 hours and it says it's fully charged, and then 24 hours later it says it's empty, you've got a bad rechargeable battery inside and it needs to be replaced.
2) I have had a couple of Keyboards with the same problem of not being able to push a button easily to get it to work. This has been a problem I send out to a repair shop to have fixed. I've been told it is simply an alignment problem of needing to adjust where the button touches the switch. Unfortunately this seems to be a fairly common problem lately. I didn't used to see this at all, but in the last 6 months it has happened on several keyboards.
Look for that big box with the Pro 2 and the smaller one with the midi pedals to arrive this week.
George Kaye
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Posted by: sk880user

Re: General Music Users - 04/24/00 09:15 AM


I would like to join other voices in welcoming you here. By the way, there is a dedicated Generalmusic forum within synthworld. Visit there sometimes.