george kaye, when is the VA-7 landing

Posted by: frankieve

george kaye, when is the VA-7 landing - 06/16/00 08:49 PM

When are you getting the VA-7 and when can I get one, thanks Frank
Posted by: George Kaye

Re: george kaye, when is the VA-7 landing - 06/16/00 10:46 PM

I have no answer for you as of this time. Today, I again spoke with my Roland Rep and he still has no knowledge of when and if the VA7 will be available here in the US. I asked him if it would be shown at the July NAMM show in Nashville and his reply was still he doesn't know of any new models being released. I want to remind all you US readers that it is true that many models are introduced months in advance in Europe and other countries and only if sales are good and if there is a good acceptance of a new model will this product show up in the US. The European market for arranger keyboards is enormous compared to the US market. As many of you know, most chain stores do not sell most of the smaller Italian brand keyboards and most know very little about the workings of these keyboards. If the demand for these arranger keyboards were stronger you would see these stores learning how to use and sell these products. As long as the market share is so small, no big push to carry these and learn how to use them exists. It's ashame, but that's how it is (in my opinion).
George Kaye