4x vs 900 deal ...

Posted by: Uncle Dave

4x vs 900 deal ... - 11/05/16 09:52 AM

Posted by: tinv65

Re: 4x vs 900 deal ... - 11/08/16 08:25 AM

can I trade your PA4x61 with my PA900 + 1,000. my PA900 almost new 90% My email tinkeyboard@yahoo.com
let me know if you want to trade
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: 4x vs 900 deal ... - 11/16/16 06:10 PM

Sorry, that's too low. $1500 is the cost difference in buying each on the street. I can buy a new PA900 for a steal right now. I'm ready to ship, if you can come up to the right number.