Recording With The PA4X

Posted by: hammer

Recording With The PA4X - 07/13/16 09:08 PM

Here is a song I recorded with the MP3 recorder on the PA4X. One time through.

Posted by: abacus

Re: Recording With The PA4X - 07/14/16 12:39 AM

Always good to hear a keyboard played live, as any normal person would, as while the manufacture demos sound great, no one will ever sound like that live unless they have the same multi-thousand-pound production equipment that the manufactures use.

Keep up the good work

Posted by: hammer

Re: Recording With The PA4X - 07/14/16 09:32 AM

Thanks Bill,
I'll record others as I get going with the PA4X and post them. I also think it is good for future buyers to hear the keyboard live without any frills or add-ins.

Posted by: mlorenz

Re: Recording With The PA4X - 08/17/16 09:16 AM

I listened to your recording, it's nice. It's amazing how good the audio quality is. I haven't started to Record with my PA4X yet but I plan on doing that, and when I do, I will post my recordings as well