Korg Liverpool

Posted by: RMepstead

Korg Liverpool - 04/26/16 09:07 AM

Hi. Anyone else bought one besides me?
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Re: Korg Liverpool - 07/11/16 04:39 PM

Roger –“bought one” –Bought one of what? Sorry.

John C.
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Re: Korg Liverpool - 07/11/16 08:24 PM

There is a KORG arranger called the 'Liverpool' that is loaded with Beatles songs and styles ...
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: Korg Liverpool - 07/11/16 11:48 PM

Blue case and "English" decorated Korg MicroArranger + Beatles styles & midi = Korg Liverpool ....
Guess they could release a addon to do the same thing?
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Re: Korg Liverpool - 09/05/17 07:57 AM

Hello: Roger. I bought Liverpool on a whim the other day for about $300 Can less than 1/2 price from original. I am totally new to Korg. I went to the Korg site and downloaded the new OS 1.02 and resources and updated the keyboard. However once I did that I seemed to lose all the demo songs so I just reverted back to the original OS and resources. Have you done the update successfully? Am I doing something wrong? Also the Beatles demo songs are not editable it would appear. (I was hoping to mute the lead track and use the balance to play keyboard or guitar with. The Styles though are not bad. Getting used to small keys. Also downloaded the Korg USB midi drivers and was able to use the Liverpool as controller in Logic Pro. Was able to connect audio out to BOSE Compact and the sounds are not that bad. The next thing want to do is see if I can use my Roland E60 keys via midi cable to the Liverpool. I believe I saw something somewhere that Fran C had done this with his G70. Finally I did go kong Forums and downloaded some styles but haven't a clue how to get them into the Liverpool or whether they are compatible. Any assistance is much appreciated. Cheers!
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Re: Korg Liverpool - 09/05/17 08:29 AM

First make a good backup of your current setup. Then you can
load your downloaded styles into the USER banks of the KMA. If I remember correctly,
you can overwrite the factory styles so make sure you are loading things
where you want them. I had a KMA and used it on gigs often. Mine was the first version of the KMA not the Liverpool version but I suspect they are the same except for the factory sounds and styles.

Check into John Smies resources for the KMA - they are terrific.

Good luck with your new toy.

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Re: Korg Liverpool - 09/05/17 11:25 AM

Thanks Deane. (it's Brian by the way.) I was replying to Rogers OP. I will check this out. I am trying now to use my Roland E60 midi out to midi in of Liverpool to see if I can use the Roland to play to the KORG but I can't seem to get it o work. (not a midi expert by a long shot. Using a regular mid cable not USB midi in this case. Anyone?
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Re: Korg Liverpool - 09/07/17 10:42 AM

Yes Brian. I would like to do the same thing midiing the Liverpool to my Technics KN7000 but have had no success yet...must read the manual sometime...
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Re: Korg Liverpool - 09/07/17 12:19 PM

Hi Roger. I've read BOTH the Korg and the Roland manuals and so far all I have been able to do is have the Roland E60 drum style come through the Liverpool Speakers! I don't even know how I did that! I have joined the Korg Forums and am up to page 22 out of 60 pages on the forum. Couple of questions while I'm here:
1. I just called up one of the Beatles styles Cant Buy Me Love. I can play along with it but I can't seem to record in real time what I am playing. That is a possible deal breaker for me as I bought the board for the the styles. Sure you can play along in Style mode but not be able to record live is not what I want. Sure you can play the demo songs in song play mode but they contain the "hokey" midi lead voice which you can't mute! Am I doing something wrong? Have you successfully recorded the styles from the Liverpool for your Beatles female tribute group?
2. Is it possible to just audition one style by calling it up on the SD card.?( that is what I do on my floppy disk on the Roland.)
Thanks for any help you can provide Roger!
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Re: Korg Liverpool - 09/07/17 06:09 PM

Oops figured it out! You have to go into BSEQ mode arm the record button. THEN press the Liverpool style that want. Happy camper now!
Still can't figure out the USER PROGRAM features for the styles to audition. For example: Korg provided a Latin Reggae .SET. When I browse the SD card I see three STYLE folders:

USER 01.sty
USER 02.sty
USER 03.sty
Each of these folders contains 16 styles. In USER03 Folder I selected a Bob Marley01 style. If I hit the F3 OPEN button on Liverpool nothing happens. If I hit the F2 LOAD Button the Liverpool asks me where I want to load it and only gives me the option of overwriting and existing style in any of the USER banks. Since I would seldom use a SCHLAGER I loaded MARLEY to that slot and voila I was able to call up the style and play it. Is this the only way to audition styles by overwriting whatever is in the USER banks? I know the machine comes with maximum 48 loaded on the SSD but is there something I am missing? I think the answer is no but I will ask anyway. Until then I will press onward. Thanks anyone who can help.
Posted by: RMepstead

Re: Korg Liverpool - 09/24/17 06:18 AM

Hi Brian
Re the beatles midis...you can turn off the instrument being used to play the melody line cos I've done it...wish I could remember how now...its usually 'part 4' if that helps.
I always record out from the Liverpool to my desktop computer in order to save as an MP3 but whilst I'm away at a keyboard fest this coming week I'll check out the BSEQ mode arm which you mention.
Regarding auditioning new styles - it must be that you have got to load them into the Liverpool from the SD Card in order to hear them. I guess the reason is that an SD Card unlike a floppy disk is merely storage rather than storage and playability.
Cheers for now.