Korg PA300 vs. PA600

Posted by: fjs714

Korg PA300 vs. PA600 - 09/03/14 09:05 AM

Hi Fellas,
If any of you has a few minutes I would appreciate an opinion as to spending a few more dollars to acquire the PA600 instead of the 300. I know thre are more styles in te 600 but it's heavier. Are the extra styles worth it?
Thanks Frank
Posted by: billyhank

Re: Korg PA300 vs. PA600 - 09/03/14 05:19 PM


If styles is all you care about, then the 300 for sure, but if features are your cup of T, then the 600.

The specification for both are available on the Korg site.

Bill G
Posted by: tony mads usa

Re: Korg PA300 vs. PA600 - 09/04/14 11:49 AM

I agree with Bill ... compare the features before making a decision ... there are reasons the 600 costs more than the 300, the 900 costs more than the 600, etc., etc., ...