Pa600 for sale

Posted by: tony mads usa

Pa600 for sale - 01/09/14 10:19 AM

1 year new, Excellent condition, used, NOT abused ... Slight scratch marks on right speaker grille from where small VH sat ... Has all factory styles PLUS Musikant styles and many styles from other KORG KBs, plus many 'modified' factory styles ...
$700.00 US
Reasonable offers accepted.

See e-mail address in profile or send a PM.

PS. I have upgraded to Pa900 for on-board VH and a few other features.
Posted by: KORG80

Re: Pa600 for sale - 01/23/14 09:15 AM


I use a Digitech stand alone (Vocalist 4)and get great harmonies.
Have to set it to key and it's a floor unit so I have to be really organized in performance.

I'm looking for quality keyboard generated vocal harmony. Is the PA 900 the answer?

God Bless,
Posted by: DonM

Re: Pa600 for sale - 01/25/14 02:54 PM

Don't know about PA900, but if the harmonizer is the same as PA3X, then YES.
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: Pa600 for sale - 01/25/14 05:01 PM

The PA900 harmonizer is not quite as good as the one in the 3x. It's the same one that the PA800 had, which was pretty darn good. Whenever I use my VoiceLive Touch2 and go back to the 900 ... I miss the extra fidelity and range, but after a while the difference fades. If you're not doing a side by side comparison ... the 900 is very good. If time or space is an issue - the internal unit is a great addition to any setup. My VLT2 sits at home for studio projects, or a serious guitar single that pops up once in a while.
Posted by: KORG80

Re: Pa600 for sale - 01/25/14 09:19 PM

Thanks guys,
I discovered in my research that Helicon makes a Voice Live Play GTX which includes effects for guitar. This unit has a midi input. I have rented their Harmony M pedal which does midi but I found that they would lock up or suddenly not produce harmony and needed to be rebooted.

I also play guitar and the freedom I get from my Digitech reading the chords is what I'm looking for when I switch to keyboard. Last spring before buying my Yamaha PSRS 750 I had rented a PA 800. I could live with the harmony onboard even though I feel Digitech is better. I could not, however live with the $3000 price tag. Thought Yamaha's PSR S950 would be my answer but Yamaha's VH2 is drastically flawed.

God Bless,
PS Dave, in one of the 900 demos on YOUTUBE there is a really nice redhead. She sings well and even has a few freckles.