Posted by: fozzie

Styles - 12/16/12 06:57 AM

Anyone now where to find or buy Pa3x Musikant styles
Posted by: Jose Pereira

Re: Styles - 12/16/12 07:06 AM

Hi Fozzie. Go to but you must register and pay for a "for live subscription". There´s a lot of Korg styles there, include those you are looking... ;-)

Posted by: fozzie

Re: Styles - 12/16/12 07:42 AM

Thank´s Jose!
I´m a member of but can´t find
Pa3x Musikant Factory styles
Posted by: sparky589

Re: Styles - 12/16/12 09:35 AM

I know you can get them on a usb stick from for the pa800 and pa2x. don't know if they will work for the pa3x. They sell a pa3x musikant keyboard, and as they did with the pa500 series (I have the musikant), the stick probably won't work with the 3x so you will buy the keyboard. I can see if mine will allow me to export the styles to an sd card, but I am just familiarizing myself with it.
Posted by: Jose Pereira

Re: Styles - 12/16/12 10:13 AM

Great!! look at the Korg forum (styles) it´s hidden with a different name. Look for a big zip archive (over 5 meg I guess) I do not have a Korg but a friend downloaded from there. He says is the "real thing"

Good Luck
Posted by: fozzie

Re: Styles - 12/17/12 07:14 AM

The only file in Korg Forum (styles)over 5 Mb is for Pa800.
I have sarch in other forums, but no results.
Anyway, Thanks for your interest.

Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: Styles - 12/22/12 10:28 AM

Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't it possible to buy the Musicant Stylepack?
Got the impression that besides of the Musikant vesions of PA series keyboards, this stylepack also is sold as a USB stick.
Posted by: sparky589

Re: Styles - 12/26/12 08:14 AM

Yes, but as I stated previously, only for the pa800 and pa2x. Accordiong to my European dealer, Korg has not introduced any software for the 600 series regarding this, be it in usb stick form or other.
Posted by: sparky589

Re: Styles-PA600 musikant - 12/28/12 08:16 AM

On, there is word of musikant styles becoming available on an sd card in late January. Don't know how good your German is, or if it will be available here, or just in Europe...if the latter, look for it at (reputable dealer). The pa3X keyboard is available in a musikant version so a card is not loikely as with the pa500 series.
Posted by: Gunnar Jonny

Re: Styles - 12/28/12 10:22 AM

Google translate of the info from German to English:

"To the successful concept of the series also MUSIKANT PA600 continue to be loaded later MUSIKANT software is available end of January 2013, the PA600 is available. This optional extension new styles and sounds, and over 400 MUSIKANT Songbook entries come to the already very high quality musical content added with the PA600. This localization of the instrument is a must for musicians and entertainers in Germany. The MUSIKANT software will be downloaded and made ​​available via a micro SD memory card in the instrument enabled and activated in this way for the instrument.

The following provides highlights of the localized software MUSIKANT PA600:
• sounds and styles from the popular Pa3X MUSIKANT, adapted to the format of the PA600
• Additional MUSIKANT PCM data (sound data)
• Approx. 400 Songbook entries for musicians and entertainers in the German-speaking
• New Designs
• New Performances

For more information and details on MUSIKANT localization will be available here on the Internet."


Looks like the PA600 could be a nice entry to learn more about Korg and it's OS before buy any high end PA3X.
Also it may be a nice alternative to add at top of G-70 smile
But not available in Norway yet as far as I know .....

Posted by: sparky589

Re: Styles - 12/28/12 01:25 PM

Thanks. I may move from the 500 to the 600 with this info down the road....
Posted by: MusicalMemories

Re: Styles - 12/28/12 03:21 PM

On the subject of styles. I would like to know how to convert a style from a yamaha keyboard to Korg Pa50 using the midi market method?