The New Korg Micro-Arranger

Posted by: Giovanni

The New Korg Micro-Arranger - 04/30/12 12:07 PM

Hi Folks , does anyone know if the Korg range of styles can be played on the new micro arranger ? if so what model of Korg srranger styles are compatiable with the micro Arranger

does korg have a range of extra styles available for sale for this new little arranger .

Posted by: Duane O

Re: The New Korg Micro-Arranger - 05/07/12 03:51 PM

Microarranger is same as PA50

page 131 of the manual says it can read PA 50, 60, & 80 styles

additional free styles are at

With EMC Works 2000, you can convert styles from the most popular formats from Generalmusic, Kawai, Roland, Solton/Ketron, Technics, Yamaha, Wersi. Free copy is at

good luck

Posted by: Giovanni

Re: The New Korg Micro-Arranger - 05/07/12 11:50 PM

Hi Duane , thank you so much for your very informative reply and the links for further information regarding suitable korg format styles for the micro arranger .

Once again thank you for your help is most appreciated .

regards ...Giovanni
Posted by: MusicalMemories

Re: The New Korg Micro-Arranger - 05/10/12 03:50 AM

I think the Micro Arranger is virtually the same as the PA50 so anything that can run on the PA50,PA80 etc can run on the Mirco. There are plenty of styles etc out there. After much searching.