MicroARRANGER Questions

Posted by: Bob Hendershot

MicroARRANGER Questions - 01/01/12 11:26 AM

I guess this is a good place to pose questions about the MicroARRANGER.

My first question . . . I have learned to save Performances with little problems. As a part of that setup, I lowered the split point to G#. If I select a factory Performance setup and then load the Performance that I saved, I lose the split point setting and it reverts to the factory setting. I canít find a way to recover that setting when I load my performance data later. Has anyone tried this?

BTW, this little beast does a great job with Tune 1000 midi files. Displays lyrics well. You can also edit instrument settings to change the voices used in the midi file. Much to learn . . .
Posted by: Bob Hendershot

Re: MicroARRANGER Questions - 01/01/12 01:04 PM

Found it! The default split point is saved to flash memory with a Global write. Page 125 of the manual.
Posted by: Nigel

Re: MicroARRANGER Questions - 01/02/12 06:49 PM

Glad you found that Bob. That will be useful info for other Microarranger owners.