Who is getting a MicroArranger?

Posted by: cassp

Who is getting a MicroArranger? - 12/11/11 06:26 PM

I'm anxiously awaiting the MicroArranger. I haven't had a Korg arranger since the iX300. Can anyone fill me in on what I'll need to know and do? What about converted styles from Roland and Yamaha - do they exist; how can I get them? Is the old Korg Forum from Irish Acts still up and running. Who's the goto person about Korg? Thanks...
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Who is getting a MicroArranger? - 12/12/11 02:13 AM

http://korgforums.com/ is still running. And James from IrishActs still drops in here from time to time and always provides good info and musical experience.