Korg Pa50Sd vs Yamaha Psr-s710

Posted by: pradeep.sikdar

Korg Pa50Sd vs Yamaha Psr-s710 - 05/13/11 12:28 AM

Hi all.
I know this is a boring question for you. but I still have to ask which 1 is the best, Psr-s710 or Pa50Sd? I don't want to compair with Psr-s910, because the price is too high! moreover, I cannot even find the approximate price of Korg Pa50Sd, Yamaha Psr-s710 or Psr-s910 in Indian rupees. I found somewher the Pa50Sd--rs 47000, psr-s710--rs 48000, psr-s910--rs 69000. again I found somewhere the price of Pa50Sd is rs37000. so I'm in a great confusion!
if somebody tell me the price in Indian rupees, it'll be very very helpful. I have heard from a group of people that the korg Pa50Sd sounds much better than Psr series, but I have heard some demos of Pa50Sd and the piano sound is not up to the mark. if anyone have that model and kindly send me a solo grand piano sound without anything played with it, it will be very helpfull to me. though, I know the sound of Korg Pa500 is better than Pa50Sd, but being a visually challenged I cannot able to use the touch screen.
please please comment on this post as I really in a great need of some valuable response from experienced person like you all.
Kind regards
Posted by: montunoman

Re: Korg Pa50Sd vs Yamaha Psr-s710 - 05/16/11 10:52 AM

Hi Pradeep- I'm a Yamaha player and I don't think the piano is very good on Korg or Yamaha.

It seems to me if you want an arranger keyboard your main concern should be styles. Which instrument has the styles that you need for your music?
Posted by: pradeep.sikdar

Re: Korg Pa50Sd vs Yamaha Psr-s710 - 05/17/11 11:31 AM

Actually, according to me, the drums are much better in korg than yamaha. I am working in a fusion band where we have drummer, guitarist, etc. so, I no need to play styles on the stage dirrectly. I just need very well programmed sounds like piano, strings, synths, brushes, saxs, and some sounds which are really uncommon. but being a sound editor, I also need the better drums sound as we often record drum tracks using keyboard.
moreover, my first requirement is well and thick sound varieties.
kind regards
Posted by: pradeep.sikdar

Re: Korg Pa50Sd vs Yamaha Psr-s710 - 05/17/11 11:39 AM

1 of my friends suggests me to by a workstation not an arranger. but I only found "Korg M50" better in my price range.
but alas! the same problem appears. being a visually challanged, I cannot use the touch screen! :-(
in my band, most of the times I have to play the piano sounds, and some pads which create a great ambiance.
Posted by: pradeep.sikdar

Re: Korg Pa50Sd vs Yamaha Psr-s710 - 05/17/11 11:43 AM

any suggestion will be gladly apreciated! I am in a great confusion because being only a student, I shouldn't invest my money in the wrong thing!
Posted by: montunoman

Re: Korg Pa50Sd vs Yamaha Psr-s710 - 05/23/11 05:11 AM

Yeah, I think you'd be better off with a workstation. Korg, Yamaha, and Roland make good ones for around $1000.00

I had a Yamaha MO8 and a Korg N364 that I just sold- I really liked them but I just didn't use them much... I'm an arranger guy now.