PA800 vs PA500

Posted by: arranger_yes_pc_no

PA800 vs PA500 - 01/31/11 01:38 PM

any significant differencies? I suppose the keybed is a lot better on the PA800? What about the sounds?

Re: PA800 vs PA500 - 01/31/11 06:31 PM

the sounds are nearly the same. I think the PA800 sounds a bit better.
The Pa500 have no After Touch,
no EC5-connector, no mp3-recorder....
only SD-Card , no USB-Port for sticks.
The PA800 is a full Sampler, the PA500 not.
The Pa800 with mp3-board can Play mp3s on the double-player.
The Pa500 only midis.
PA800 have a coulor display.
Posted by: arranger_yes_pc_no

Re: PA800 vs PA500 - 02/01/11 12:52 AM

hey Lessismore, many thanks for the info. Is the keybed the same on both keyboards? I just home the PA500 keybed is not as bad as on the Yamaha psr710