Deleting or Erasing Performances

Posted by: RonGlass

Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/06/08 04:33 PM

Just bought a PA800 with prior user performances that I do not want. How can I return all user data to an empty status? In fact, how can I reset everything to original factory setting to remove all prior teaking (saved) data to original data?


Posted by: asafar

Re: Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/06/08 10:12 PM

You will need to reload the Musical Resources (depending on what OS Version)
You can find the Info here
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Re: Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/07/08 01:12 AM


First of all, thank you for your guidance. I own a KN7000 and to reset all its setting is a simple matter of re-initializing it with a push of a button. I guess I am spoiled.

On the PA800, I have tried to locate a "re-dump" of the factory setting from its internal ROM and could not find a way to do this. Unfortunate for me right now, I can't seem to have my computer recognize the PA800 via the USB port. Therefore, I am unable to download any programs from KorgPA. Or at least I don't know how.

Ron Glass
Posted by: Graham UK

Re: Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/07/08 04:39 AM

RonGlass. To download the Korg Musical Resources you don't require your Korg to be connected to the PC.
Just download on the PC from the Korg site. The file is then loaded into the keyboard.
This info is in your keyboard manual or can be downloaded also from the Korg site.
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Re: Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/07/08 05:28 AM

Hello Graham,

Thank you. Yes, I know that I can download all upgrades, etc from the Korg website to my PC, which I did. However, loading the data requires connecting the Korg USB port to the PC, and at this time, my PC will not recognize the PA800 even though my PC states that the Korg driver is working correctly. I have tried to follow the instruction on page 225 of the manual to achieve this, but it appears I do not have a USB connection. I know my PC USB is working since I also use it for my KN7000. My PA800 is only 3 months old.

Thank you Graham,

Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/07/08 08:31 AM

Ron, if you are running XP on your may have to reduce the number of drivers installed..XP has a limitation on how many drivers it can use...I have found this true by experience..After deleting a couple drivers I did not use drivers needed showed in my programs..
Posted by: RonGlass

Re: Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/07/08 09:41 AM

Hi Fran,

Thank you very much for the suggestion and will give it a try. But I believe I found what the problem might be. In reading thru some of the supplemenary installation instructions, I read that you need to have an internal hard drive installed before the PA800 and PC will recognize each other via host cable connection. Since I have purchase both the a ATA hard drive and the HDIK-1 installation kit, I won't know if that is the solution. BTW, 6-week delay on the HDIK-1.

Could you answer this question of mine; I just purchased the PA800 and had it for only 2 days. I found out that everytime I turn it off, then later, turn it back on; it has a 3 to 4 minute reload procedure. I can't believe that is a normal procedure. I purchased 3 DVD instructions and watched their Korg fired right up(?) instantly.



P.S. All of the above happens either on Windows XP or Vista. Also, I constantly get Microsoft's signature errors, but Korg says ignore them. ???

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Posted by: miden

Re: Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/07/08 01:22 PM

You can load the operating system and resources upgrades via a thumb drive. You do nto need a hard drive on the PA800.
Posted by: RonGlass

Re: Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/07/08 02:10 PM

Hi Miden,

Thanks for your information. Yes, I could have use what I called Stick Memory, but since I only had an external hard drive I wanted to resolve this ASAP. Fortunately, after additional reading, I lucked out with the right combination of events. I sure have alot more to learn, but that the fun of it.

Thanks Miden and have a good week. I feel great now that this one problem is solved.

Posted by: Nedim

Re: Deleting or Erasing Performances - 06/15/08 12:15 PM

No need to LOAD MS. Just go to MEDIA mode then
go to ERASE and in there where you see ALL click
OPEN, in there you can open each folder and
ERASE anything you want.