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New Guy~Midi Guitar - 08/28/08 12:36 PM

Hi I'm a long time midi guitar user. I use a Blue Chip AX 100 and a K2500R as my main sound module. The guitar is an archtop [Ibanez PM 100 w/flatwounds with and Axon version of the GK2A. I have some soft synths in my mac. Native Instruments B4 and Kontakt 3. I didn't know midi guitar was such a small community. Or are there other more active forums? I mainly use midi guitar in live situations for playing lines with other sounds. For recording it is invaluable. Like the other 3 posters here I love pads. Has anyone taken advantage of the sale on the Sonik Synth 2? How is it? It's attractive since the price is lower for a while. I just listened the demos at

Like most things some of the stuff doesn't sound like what it's supposed to be. Keyboard guys idea of what a guitar sounds like! I'm sure it's the same for the players of each sampled instrument. The acoustic guitar seems ok but the other guitars are not as good. Good pads tho. It would be hard to find a good sample cd for 99 bux. Most of the pianos seem pretty good from a guitar player's pov anyway.

I DL'd the demo lite version. I'll see if it plays nice with Digital Performer and let you know. Hope to hear from some of you on more active midi guitar forums.


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Re: New Guy~Midi Guitar - 11/08/08 11:00 AM

You may have moved on - by now - but I play guitar and using a VG99 - use midi to guitar and just picked up a MM6 for my sounds. funny - my name is Ron as well.

I usually hand at the VGUITAR