Help me to learn electric guitar

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Help me to learn electric guitar - 04/28/08 02:27 AM

Hello everyone,

I really want to learn electric guitar. My favorite electric guitarists are BB King, SRV, Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson, David Gilmour etc.

How difficult is it for a fingerstyle player to learn electric guitars and be able to play Blues Solo? I only play with thumpick and three fingers and never learn to play with a pick. And I am very new to scales etc. I personally feel that learning online lessons could be a better option then going to private classes…Anyone here knows a good source for online lessons for beginners interested in electric guitars.
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Re: Help me to learn electric guitar - 04/28/08 10:42 PM

I applaud your decision to go online. A good source to learn electric guitar for beginners is hotstrings.
This is a cool new and fast beginner course without notes. Here you learn a short version of the basic elements of playing the guitar. The crash course has 30 daily lessons of different song styles such as rock ballads, pop songs, reggae, modern pop, funk and soul. Direct downloadable to your pc.
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Re: Help me to learn electric guitar - 05/02/08 08:16 PM

There is lots of free help with guitar. Go to Type in things like chicken picken,or rock guitar or whatever you wont to study. There are plenty to choose from, and you get one on one teachers. Plus you can order any of the full versions for a few bucks. Have fun, and let me know if I can help more....Joe Lee
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Re: Help me to learn electric guitar - 03/23/13 09:08 AM

Here's a good starting point!