non keyboard MIDI controllers

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non keyboard MIDI controllers - 04/29/03 06:13 AM

i am a trying to do an assignment for my course at uni and im having trouble finding usefull info on non k.board MIDI controllers.i have found some examples but i need some facts and generally as much good info i can u know where i should be looking?? please help me,i dont really know much about this yet. thanks.
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Re: non keyboard MIDI controllers - 04/29/03 07:10 AM


I can't help you directly but I think if you call Sweetwater Music 800 222 4700 and be right up front about needing a little info for school that they will point you in then right direction.

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Re: non keyboard MIDI controllers - 04/30/03 06:21 AM

thanx but im in sites on web u know of??
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Re: non keyboard MIDI controllers - 04/30/03 09:08 PM
Do a seach using midi controllers. There are midi controllers to match just about every musical instrument. I use a wind midi controller (yamaha WX5 ). "Electric" drum kits are midi controlers. Midi sequencers are midi controlers for people who play no instrument what so ever.
and so on......

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Re: non keyboard MIDI controllers - 05/01/03 11:12 PM

As well as wind and drum controllers, there are guitar controllers, such as the Roland GR units.
Computers are often midi controllers. If you can download a .mid file and play it on your computer, there is some kind of controller in there. Midi can also be used to sync machines together. Example, I can match my Lexicon effects unit bpm to the bpm of a song on my computer so that the echoes and delays and such play in time to my song. I can use midi to change effects midsong etc.
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Re: non keyboard MIDI controllers - 05/02/03 01:52 AM

Try the Synth Zone MIDI Controller links listing at

That should provide lots of info on non-keyboard controllers.