Midi files into XP-80

Posted by: Dayton

Midi files into XP-80 - 08/18/02 01:37 PM

I just got a CD of songs in Midi format in hopes of playing live to them. If the xp-80 has it's own format for floppy disk read/write, How do I get the midi songs into the internal seqencer of the XP-80?
Posted by: RW

Re: Midi files into XP-80 - 09/03/02 09:36 AM

I'm almost certain the xp-80 is smf compatible. I have an xp-50 and it will play standard midi files no problem, both format 1 and 0. The xp-50 also does read and write in it's own format or smf. I'm pretty sure all you'll have to do is copy the midi file from cd onto a floppy, pop the floppy in and select the file and play it through the xp-80's sequencer.