Roland JD800

Posted by: Anonymous

Roland JD800 - 10/04/07 01:36 PM

Can anyone help, can anyone tell me how to make my JD800 receive sounds from a CD. I have been using cubase which shows that the sounds are being transmitted but nothing happens in the JD. I do not have a manual and I have tried to get one on line but no luck. Please help I am pulling my hair out over this

duncan mather
Posted by: Justin Gazda

Re: Roland JD800 - 10/04/07 03:58 PM

You cannot load new samples onto a JD800.

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Re: Roland JD800 - 10/04/07 05:03 PM

Unless of course the sounds are patch data?

In .sys format?
Or .mid format?

Have you followed any links from the Roland/Boss section within Synth Zone itself?

It's a great synth, give us a clue about what your are trying to actually do...