Pretty synth sounds

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Pretty synth sounds - 07/25/00 01:13 PM

I’m looking for mellow, pretty, even dreamy synth sounds—EPs, Rhodes-like patches with a softer attack. I have an Akai S3000XL and a K2000 rack with sampler. I can find tons of analog, saw-tooth sounds, dance synths, dance chords--hissy, blurby, raspy stuff on sample CDs--but not much pretty stuff. I have CDs by John Jarvis (on Windham Hill) and Bob James with beautiful patches, but have been unsucessful locating them. Can anyone direct me to specific CDs or other sources?
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Re: Pretty synth sounds - 07/26/00 01:08 AM

Ther's a Cd called "Magnetica", I don't remember the manifacturer, where you can find those sounds.
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Re: Pretty synth sounds - 02/13/03 12:04 PM

There are some really pretty sounds like this on the S90, so I imagine they're probably also on the Motif, so getting the Motif sounds may help.