Midi Merge Devices

Posted by: Anonymous

Midi Merge Devices - 04/27/99 09:32 AM

I would like to know who makes MIDI merge devices. I have an AXON AX-100 I want to merge
with a FATAR MP-117 pedalboard. The AXON since it uses 6 channels just for the strings, dumps a lot of information. so I need a box that is fast.

Posted by: Nigel

Re: Midi Merge Devices - 05/15/99 06:49 PM

Try Midiman, they have some inexpensive midi merge accessories.
Posted by: Mike Nelson

Re: Midi Merge Devices - 05/31/99 09:56 PM

Also,if your needs are simple the Anatek Pocket Merge is a very compact 2:1 job that is powered by the signals themselves.US60 new? got mine used. JLCooper makes the Nexus, a 3X8, is usually under US100 new.mn
Posted by: DarCatEnt

Re: Midi Merge Devices - 06/16/99 03:53 AM

I have had great luck using the MAV-8 from Kawai. It has 4 in's and 8 outs and can be set very qickly to any setting you need.
Check it out, it may be just the thing you are looking for.