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Posted by: dmollen

Synth advice - 01/03/02 02:11 PM

I need help! I have a lot of comnputer expertise and a degree in music, which includes vocal, strings, and some composing/arranging. But I'm new to synthesizers.

Our church is wanting to purchase a good electric piano to replace an old organ.

What brands do you guys recommend?

I know we want 88 weighted keys and MIDI capabilities, but beyond that I'm not sure.

MIDI better on the synth or linked through a PC?

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Posted by: FAEbGBD

Re: Synth advice - 01/06/02 12:02 AM

Yamaha S-80 or Roland XV-88. XV is more of a synthe with many tweakable parameters. Roland RD-700 might be a good possibility as well. It has a small sequencer, plus organ drawbar simulations. I haven't played one though, but I have played XV88 and liked it. RD-700 seems to be a bit easier to learn and might be more suited for a church.
Haven't played the Yamaha either, but I've got a friend who seems to enjoy it quite a lot, and I've read many favorable reviews.

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Posted by: dmollen

Re: Synth advice - 01/07/02 11:27 AM

Thanks. I think we're leaning toward a Motif 8. But a Karma is also a good possibility. Any feedback on either of these?

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Posted by: FAEbGBD

Re: Synth advice - 01/07/02 12:27 PM

Actually I'm a bit surprised you'd want a Karma. I didn't even know there was an 88 key Karma. Anyway, this keyboard is definitely dance oriented. It does other things for sure, but that's kind of how it is advertised, plus any demos I've heard were all dance oriented. That must be a sweet church you're attending.
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Re: Synth advice - 01/08/02 01:15 PM

Church isn't that sweet, trust me.

And, since last night, it looks like Motif 8 is what we will be going with.

I also didn't realize that Karma was that type of instrument.

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Posted by: tgalf

Re: Synth advice - 01/10/02 04:47 AM

******New to the world of synthesizers******

Great, but dont ever forget what you did before you came here. MUSIC... try your best to use the Motif 8, dont look to the side at other keyboards and their features....

Gear lust... a serious habitual disease in the electronic world. get your stuff and dont look back. The Motif is great but each board has its own unique features. Big deal. Return to making music and people smile.