Roland GK-2A, GR-30 and PC Steinberg Cubase

Posted by: Bill M

Roland GK-2A, GR-30 and PC Steinberg Cubase - 12/26/01 10:39 PM

--Hi, I am considering picking up a Roland GK-2A synth pickup and a GR-33 or GR-30 Synth Processor for MIDI recording with Steinberg Cubase on my PC.
--Does anyone have any advice regarding this potential setup? For example - Do the notes show up on the keyboard screen of Cubase? Does it work?
--Would I be able to record a slide guitar well?
--I am looking to make my recordings using 100% MIDI, but don't know what to expect with a MIDI guitar working through the Steinberg platform.

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Posted by: RexGTRZ

Re: Roland GK-2A, GR-30 and PC Steinberg Cubase - 01/01/02 07:05 AM

I'd like to see other reply's to this question!
I have a GK-2A & GR-1 hooked up to Cubase VST 4.1 Mac.
It shows up the same as a keyboard (sort of) I always experience little blips (tiny 32 or 64th notes added with every note) so I have to edit all those blips out.
[time consuming]
Slide guitar? Probably do able but it won't be easy and effortless with out much editting.
I found the USB interfaces make the tracking a little quicker.
And most important advise for midi guitarists is try a set of pure nickel strings.
Posted by: FAEbGBD

Re: Roland GK-2A, GR-30 and PC Steinberg Cubase - 01/06/02 12:16 AM

Why would you want to record slide guitar using MIDI? Why use crappy guitar synthe sounds when you could mic' up an amp and do real slide guitar? Unless you wanted to use the slide to do like trombone glisses or violin glisses or something.
At any rate, I have no answers, just that curiosity. I play guitar and keyboards, but have never done the MIDI guitar thing.