Yamaha DSR-1000 problem

Posted by: newbie08

Yamaha DSR-1000 problem - 10/18/08 05:51 AM

Hi all,
i've got a DSR-1000 for my child to play around but it does not make any sound any more (meaning it was at the beginning).
The manual was not giving me any clue what to do to make it work again. The display is showing "5 1" and the buttons "Bank A2, Rhythm" "2 Bar" and "8Beat1" are active.
Pressing the lower keys toggles the 1 from "5 1" to 2, 3, ...
Pressing other rhythm buttons like "8beat2 toggles the display to "All", other to on/off, ...
Switching on/off or restore factory defaults as described in manual does not fix problem.
Any ideas or help?Thanks
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Yamaha DSR-1000 problem - 10/18/08 01:26 PM

I'm surprised doing the reset didn't solve the problem for you. That may indicate that it is not a problem with the settings but could be a hardware problem.

If you plug headphones in do you get sound through them?

I'll just include the reset procedure for any other DSR-1000 users that may need it.

Reset Procedure

1) Turn OFF the power.

2) Hold down the [4] and the [0] buttons on the 'Data Entry' numeric keypad, while turning ON the power to the Keyboard.

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Posted by: newbie08

Re: Yamaha DSR-1000 problem - 10/20/08 12:59 AM

to plug in the headphone gives me no sound either... All the behaviour looks as if the keyboard is hanging in a kind of program subroutine. But i can't find the key to leave this subroutine and it's stange that a powercycle does not end it...