AN1X backup

Posted by: Nesh

AN1X backup - 08/31/08 04:56 AM

Hi there,

I got a used AN1X and wanted to backup my programmed patches etc. I love the synth but the thing has no internal disk drive (not to mention host port or USB...) but the manual mentions using a MDF2 device that can retrieve the AN1X data and save it to a floppy disk.

Is there a way to do this with another / modern devices or methods? this MDF2 must be ancient history.


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Posted by: ZootAllures

Re: AN1X backup - 08/31/08 08:33 PM

Would this work for you ?

I've tried it with my AN150 plug in before, and though I prefer the editor that came with my AN150, that's only because my files are saved in that editor's propietary format.

Posted by: Nesh

Re: AN1X backup - 09/01/08 12:29 AM

Will give it a try, thanks for the tip.