S500 or MM6

Posted by: Mockie

S500 or MM6 - 07/17/08 09:13 AM

Right now I'm looking for extra voices in my live keyboard setup.My main keyboard is a Korg Triton extreme. I use the excellent split bass as a bassline and I like some of the sounds, pianos, brass etc. but i'm knocked by the voices on the Tyros. I feel these sounds would be invalueable for gigging. I've heard demos on the PSRS500 on Youtube(I believe these are sounds of Tyros
2) and then I heard the MM6 sounds and they are really good too. Question, which one would be the better buy?
Posted by: hiraml

Re: S500 or MM6 - 08/20/08 02:44 PM


There's an excellent review of the Yamaha MM6 with demos and a video presentation that should be of help to you. It can be found at http://www.yamahamusician.com