340 file edit

Posted by: twinchoke

340 file edit - 02/14/00 04:45 PM

how do i edit 340 files anybody help!!!!!
Posted by: pbossink

Re: 340 file edit - 02/26/00 09:19 AM

You can try to rename the extension of your PSR-340 files to .MID.

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Posted by: Mory

Re: 340 file edit - 06/05/00 08:36 AM

Hey, I know I'm late but changing the extension doesnot work. HOW DO YOU CONVERT THESE FILES someone
Posted by: alucero

Re: 340 file edit - 06/08/00 11:28 AM

You cannot edit the PSR340 files because they are in a special format that only the PSR340 can read. If you want that feature, you will have to upgrade to a PSR540.