About SY-77 sounds

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About SY-77 sounds - 09/22/00 12:36 AM

Hello, people.
It's my first time here and my first time
working with keyboards that deep (I'm a classical pianist).
I downloaded a lot of SY-patches and now I'm completely lost. What to do now?
There are files like this: "usenet2_uue.Z"
How to unzip that? And then how to put the sounds in the SY?
Is there a program where I can store the sounds (and edit!) and then put them in the SY?
I'm sorry I'm asking too much, but this is the place where I feel I can find some help.
Please, duds... HELP ME!!
Thanks a lot,
Posted by: WhiteNoise

Re: About SY-77 sounds - 09/23/00 01:17 PM

Go to this site and get the sound files in the t01 format.

Then you can put them on a disk and load into the sy77 using the 77 disk drive.

Also, try this sy77 site. This guy has all the sounds in one file.

hope this helps
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Re: About SY-77 sounds - 09/25/00 02:53 AM

Thanks a lot!!!
Be sure that it'll help me a lot!
Now I can fell my feet on the ground. :-)